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Life Unlimited with Zija Products

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) and Fibromyalgia.  Little was known about these illnesses at the time and many in the medical profession considered the diseases psychological not physical.   But my symptoms were very real.  Fibromyalgia pain migrates and the type of pain changes – sometimes sharp and debilitating but generally achy.   CFIDS includes weakness and exhaustion but also nausea, headaches, as well as other flu like symptoms that never go away.

My morning routine starts with Zija Supermix before breakfast. It’s surprisingly tasty as well as highly nutritious.

For years, I survived on medications for nerve and muscle pain, sleep, and depression.  I managed and lived as fully as possible.  But I hated being on so many medications.  Several years ago, a friend with severe rheumatoid arthritis, told me about the moringa tree and how Zija products changed her life.  I’d tried several so called miracle cures and procedures but nothing worked for long.Desperate and wanting to feel healthy again, last year I finally decided to give one of the Zija products a try.  Every morning, I drink the SuperMix.  If I feel run down, I may have some in the afternoon as well.  Ripstix keep me from getting dehydrated especially when the Texas heat is turned on and I can’t drink enough water.  Before bed, I fill the diffuser with a combination of essential oils that allow me to drift into a deep restful sleep.

It’s either a Zija Plant Protein shake or a fresh egg for my breakfast.

I no longer need the pain meds or anti-depressant that I had taken for decades.  After a year, I can honestly say that Zija products make me feel better.  I don’t think I could continue my busy life without it.

I also sprinkle SuperMix on our black labs’ food now and notice less stiffness in their mobility.

Luna and Hooch are two happy and healthy dogs.


Zija International has product lines for weight loss, health, and beauty.

Check out my website:  www.healthycritters.myzija.com

Contact me when you’re interested in learning more about these high quality products at home.laura@gmail.com.

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