Before the shearing begins, the alpacas have no idea what’s coming

Yesterday was a big day at Webb Acres. Our alpacas finally got vaccinated and sheared. Despite losing most of our helpers, all went well and no one got hurt. Our shearer, Sam McClure, told us when all was finished that our alpacas generally well, high praise indeed since a couple kicked and behaved foolishly. Then he shared nightmare tales including terrified alpacas nearly hanging themselves attempting to escape the evil clippes.

 Such a good girl!
Moose hair has nice crimping.

Thank goodness Jim Bob’s children, Justin and Breanna, stayed and helped until the

Breanna holds Zeus to keep mama calm

very end. I’m the luckiest stepmom in the world! Awesome grandtwins kept themselves entertained carrying chickens, playing ball, climbing over and crawling under the gate to collect the wayward ball, and watching the scene from the roof of Jim Bob’s pick up. Needless to say, these silly city kids love country life!

Alpacas are sheared annually. Generally, shearing is completed in three sections. Our alpaca hair is not the best this year so we saved only one section – the blanket – or back and sides from withers to tail. Improving their feed and pasture management should improve the quality next year.

Baby Zeus even experienced his first shear at the tender age of 10 days old. Sam said he sheared a cria, baby alpaca, a few hours old.

Zeus first haircut! Yes, I saved his lovely locks.

Now that my anxiety is assuaged with shearing day behind us for the year, I can relax and enjoy our herd for a while. That is if they ever forgive us for their traumatic experience.

Our unhappy aliens.


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