Gardening on Webb Acres

Zeus is two weeks and one day today!

Even though this is a post on gardening, I couldn’t resist a photo of our aptly named baby, Zeus.

We’ve been so busy on Webb Acres with fast growing chicks, alpacas, and full-time jobs that one area suffering is the garden.  I love gardening but admit that Texas presents different challenges than gardening in Cleveland where I grew up and lived on and off for many years.  In Cleveland, I never worried about droughts, grasshoppers that destroy a vegetable garden in a day, or fire ants creating farms under newly tilled ground.

Last year, we tried hay bale gardening.  Overall, it was very successful though there weren’t nearly enough bales and the chickens thoroughly enjoyed the groceries .  This year, I wanted a plot.


When our pasture fence was put up, posts were placed around the intended area.   After  installing fencing and  a gate with a nifty life handle, Jim Bob borrowed a friend’s tractor to till the plot. Weather and more pressing activities allowed the plot to be overwhelmed with weeds.  In the meantime, seeds that I planted indoors either died or needed to get planted.  20170506_162941560_iOS

I bought a tiller a couple of years ago and after testing it briefly after purchase, it sat in the garage.  Finally ready to turn the soil again, Jim Bob took out the tiller and discovered that the engine seized making it useless.

Now, I am slowly hoeing, weeding, fertilizing with alpaca beans, and sowing seeds into the ground.  It may take all summer, but I hold out hope for a bounty of at least some homegrown vegetables.

If nothing else, I anticipate plenty of tomatoes this year.  In addition to planted seedlings, we found dozens of volunteers from last year’s crop.  We stopped counting at 30 and began pulling the rest.  Lettuce, corn, and radish seeds are in the ground so far.  I’m almost afraid to look and see if anything is sprouting yet besides tomatoes and weeds.




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