At 3 1/2 weeks, Zeus is a curious little guy as well as more skittish  He has not figured out the chickens and it’s too funny to see him look at one, begin to walk towards her then run away when she moves.  He is also trying to figure out his humans.  Zeus sniffs my breath, hair and clothes.  He knows I smell different from his herd yet I’m familiar.



Wait until we give you your next vaccine in a couple weeks, Zeus.  You’ll run away from us like Moose did after we took her to the vet then came home and tried to give her medication.




Moose is doing great.  Giving her and the rest of the herd some alfalfa each morning did the trick.  She stubbornly refused to let us near her to give her the medication prescribed.  We could have fought her and won but there was no point. Moose recovered to her old self with the addition of alfalfa to her diet.

The little chicks are growing as well.  It’s hard to believe I brought them home only a month ago.  The pullets outgrew their space quickly and their permanent residence isn’t ready yet.  Today we moved them into a makeshift rental property in a livestock trailer.   The nuts didn’t know what to do with all the space.

Life is blossoming on Webb Acres.  

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