Zeus gets up close and curious

Busy lives has made writing a blog post difficult lately.  I decided to take this afternoon off from work and do a few things for me, including writing an update on Webb Acres for all interested.

Yesterday, Jim Bob vaccinated Zeus with CDT, to keep the cria safe from Clostidium perfringens types C & D, common livestock illnesses, and tetanus. Initially, the stinker played ring a round the round pen with me while the other alpacas

Texas stand off

ate.  Then, he and Jim Bob had a stand off.   Eventually, we were able to catch him and, just like any baby, he tried to squirm and whine until I released him from his torture.  He is one silly baby.

The baby chicks are growing up fast too.  They love their swing and perches so much that Jim Bob is trying to figure out how to add the equipment in the hen house he’s building.20170611_030828948_iOS20170608_012428462_iOS

They need to hurry up and start laying as it appears one of our hens is done with egg production.

Speaking of hens, we had a couple of stale rolls and one of our girls flew up and snatched pieces from my hand.  I know, stupid livestock tricks but they had fun too.20170620_221244011_iOS

The labs are happy, happy, happy.  In fact, they’ve been having so much fun, our dirty dogs will all be getting baths this weekend.


More soon!

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