This morning, I finally used the skirting table Jim Bob made for me to clean and pick the debris from the sheared alpaca fiber.   Building the frame with pvc, he found a wire shelf and covered it in chicken wire.

It works great. It’s tall, sturdy and the holes are small enough for dirt to go through and hair stays on the surface as I agitate and pick the soft hair.   It’s a good thing Jim Bob made it sturdy as it’s going to be put to a lot of use as I work through the bags of fiber.


The outer hair in some of the critters is well covered in stickers so I snipped the most matted areas.






The hair is silky soft.  It’s fun agitating and picking out the junk.  While this color may not be the most sought after, I like the white with bits of tan.

I look forward to seeing how the color will look as yarn when I start using  my new spinning wheel.

A couple of months ago, I spent the day learning how to spin at Homestead Heritage, a community near Waco, Texas that offers a variety of sustainable classes from cheese making to pottery.  In a day, I learned the basics of using a wheel to spin yarn.  I was hooked in no time.  By the end of the day, I wasn’t good but started getting the hang of it.


I selected this one as it’s portable yet has the height and size of other wheels.  It also was one of the lower priced styles.  The clincher was our teacher said her favorite wheel is this Side Kick.

Sometimes I feel impatient with all that needs to be done on Webb Acres.  I wish I could spend the day playing in our jungle garden, playing with fiber, and doing animal chores. Working full time on Webb Acres is just not feasible.  I need to keep reminding myself that the joy is in the journey and not worry about the end game.

In other news, Moose is feeling healthy and back to her feisty self.  Jim Bob just told me that she chased the barn cats across the field and into the woods scolding them as she ran.  Then she pranced away proud of her accomplishment.

Zeus continues to grow and thrive.  He’s funny, curious, and so very handsome as proven in today’s photo.








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