Em Moves In

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Last week, I visited my mom in New Orleans where she moved after living most of her 83 years in Cleveland, Ohio.  Living independently became an increasing challenge for this bright, strong-willed, active woman who was born during the Great Depression.  We decided as a family that the safest and best next step was for Emilie – we call her Em – to move in with me and Jim Bob.  So we bought her a ticket and Em is now part of the Webb Acres herd.

It’s not the easiest transition for her but the dogs and chickens at least are thrilled to 20170715_155359382_iOShave her here.  The alpacas are wary creatures but at least they don’t let out warning cries when they see my mom like they do when they see cows in the next pasture or the neighbors’ dog coming into our yard.

Zeus is the most adventurous when he eventually accepted some hay.  Yes,  our Zeus is growing up so fast. He’s now eating hay like a big boy.


On a more somber note, Mommacita is struggling a bit with the  heat.  She is weak but readily accepts hay and water, especially loving the water with electrolytes and other goodies.  She seems to be getting a bit stronger but this heat is so brutal for all of the creatures large and small. We have large fans that all of the alpacas enjoy in the shade.  And Jim Bob is wetting the dirt under their canopy to help keep their belly cooler.  Alpacas – and humans – aren’t meant to live in 100 degree heat.


Also, cria Bambina,  has developed mange.  We bought medication for her and the rest of the herd but it’s so hot right now we don’t want to stress them out by giving them shots as well.  Hopefully, it will be cool enough tonight or tomorrow morning so we can get that going.

The chicks look almost big enough to start laying but they heat may delay their production.  Our 3 big girls are only giving us one egg  a day right now.

Life is busy for me right now and am so grateful that the Moringa tree is now a part of my daily diet.  Moringa is one of he most nutritious plants in the world and a dear friend turned me onto a product that gives me more energy, focus, and motivation than I ever imagined.  My fibromyalgia and CFIDS symptoms are mostly gone and I really feel great. 20170414_120442033_iOS Without SuperMix and the other products I take daily there is no possible way I could experience this full, hectic, and wonderful life.  Let me know you have an interest in learning more about these products.

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