Happiness is alpacas in my life.

It’s been a long time since my last Webb Acres posting.  Unanticipated challenges have put me into survival mode.  Just when I think I can overcome one problem another one arises.  While writing probably should have been a priority, it became one more task to tackle.

Zeus pronking or jumping for joy at meal time.

I mentioned previously that my mom moved in with us last summer.  Her Alzheimer’s disease and subsequent health issues related to pulmonary fibrosis placed her on hospice care.  The stress of caring for an elderly parent while working full-time and managing our critters overwhelmed me at times.  Fortunately, her health stabilized to the point where she returned to swimming, walking, and wanting to ‘do things’.  Living a ways from a city frustrated her.  My mom’s perceived need to always be on the go no longer met the reality of her abilities.  Her confusion became an increasing source of frustration for both of us. I also felt a growing guilt for resenting a condition beyond her control despite efforts to deny and hide their existence. Realizing something had to give, I ultimately found a decent and affordable assisted living facility and in January my mom moved in.  Of course, it hasn’t been easy for either of us but it is the best solution.

My mom, Emilie, and Jim Bob resting at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas.

My husband injured his back in December and cannot lift or walk far.  I struggled with the decision to keep my beloved alpacas and wonder still if I can manage it all.  But in recent days, I concluded that my alpacas and dogs are currently my only source of true joy and pleasure.  While plans to develop a business with their fiber is on hold for now, I need those moments with my critters. Watching Zeus grow into a little big man, spoiling Indie enough that he now allows me to rub his neck and head, and separating Moose and Cocoa from their ongoing spits and spats over food is powerful medicine.

I attended the 2018 Alpaca Spectacular in Ft. Worth again this year and gained new insights to the alpaca world.  I took a business plan class that helped me to start formulating an outline.  I made new friends and plan to visit their farm next month.

The hard knocks continue to hit hard but I am starting to feel a small shift.  I try to keep things in perspective and forge ahead.  Giving up my life dream that provides tranquility amidst the turmoil is not an option I want to consider.


Hooch showing me some love. Luna is Homer’s favorite pillow.

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