Hen ruling the roost of my garden work table.

If laying chickens are happy chickens, ours must be ecstatic.  Our girls are laying machines with every hen producing an egg daily.   Usually, I manage our production with a few regular customers but this past week,  I open our fridge and find it full of cartons.  20180311_135330681_iOS

This morning, I made a spinach, tomato, and swiss cheese frittata.  Quick, easy and no need to fuss with a pie shell, I can reheat leftovers for lunch or dinner.

My yummy spinach frittata

I considered making some instant pot hard-boiled eggs but decided to wait a few days so my cholesterol doesn’t sky-rocket.

Pressure cooking eggs is the best way to make free range hard-boiled eggs.  Normal boiling makes the shells a nightmare to remove but my instant pot saves time and aggravation.

Giving rinsed shells back to the hens gives them needed calcium.


Somewhere I read about freeze drying eggs.  I may explore that idea further and have some on hand to add to my morning Zija plant protein shake.

I am also recruiting more satisfied customers.  I worked on my friend, Kim, encouraging her to discover the deliciousness of free range eggs.  She thought brown eggs were nasty and a speck of dirt on a shell was disgusting.  One day, Kim saw me eating a quiche for lunch and her mindset suddenly changed.   Kim now buys our eggs whenever she wants to make a quiche.  Of course, Kim’s carton is filled with pristine white and carefully washed eggs.

I am confident our buyers will soon be back in the egg market but  it looks like Jim Bob’s kids will be getting gifts when he visits this week. I just hope they have empty cartons for us.


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