Beautiful eyes

I took a break from the weekend routine on Webb Acres last week to spend time with my brother who visited.  We went to one of my happy places, Fossil Rim, in Glen Rose  It may be the closest I ever get to a safari.  Normally, I feel at peace feeding the elk and emu but the hot sun kept many of the animals in shade and I spent more time trying to get away from the traffic than enjoying the wildlife.  I guess I was most distracted with one car where two young children sat on the window sill stretched most of the way out trying to pet the wary zebras as the driver kept moving with her two year old on her lap.  People can be so irritating.



Giraffes display grace even when drinking

Back home life was more pleasant.  The alpacas enjoyed letting me cool them off with the hose for the first time this year.  Only blue eyed Frankie wasn’t sure that she liked being sprayed.  Everyone else vied for a good spot not sure if they wanted to stand or cush.

Lined up and enjoying the cool water.

Attempting to eradicate the ever growing fire ant mounds, I tried the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett’s, recipe for mound drench using dry molasses, orange oil, and tea compost. It seemed to work great but now I wonder if the queens can’t be annihilated.  Instead of the number of mounds dwindling, I swear mounds are multiplying.  Wanting to avoid pesticides, I’ve tried boiling water, corn meal and now mound drench to attack the ants.  This weekend, I continue to drench large and small, in hopes of at least lowering the ant population on Webb Acres.

I have also started planting vegetable seeds.  More on the garden in future posts.

Wishing all my readers a Happy Easter, Passover and spring!

Taking a break at the half way point overlooking Fossil Rim.


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