My vegetable garden may look like a jungle but a bit of water, alpaca dung, and tlc are starting to show results.



The squash took off and I’m looking at recipes.  I’m  going to have to start pickling cucumbers soon and the tomato vines are getting heavy with fruit. A bunch of spinach is already in the freezer and more is on the way.   I haven’t been able to keep up with picking the lettuce before the stalks get out of hand but it’s the first time I’ve tried growing it.  The red romaine is delicious and I’m learning a lot about gardening along the way.


The peppers, corn and zucchini are still slow in growing but I’m not going to give up yet. I planted these veggies about a month after the rest so I’m still hopeful.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only creatures harvesting in my garden.  Crickets are the biggest issue  but the chickens love them.  My broccoli and few heads of cabbage seem to be the hoppers’ favorite meals.

The other day I saw a 2′ long rat snake hiding in plain sight.  It scared me half to death but I left it alone as at the time.  I wasn’t sure what it was since I couldn’t see the head and wasn’t sure if it was a Copperhead.  Besides, I’ve never killed a snake before and didn’t want to risk getting bit.

Summer is already here in Texas and I’m ready to learn a rain dance as the garden is thirsty.  The sprinkler and hose are keeping the plants alive but what they really need is a good soaking.  Eventually, I’ll put together a good drip system.


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